Benowa – Ashmore Road – road reconstruction

  • Project typeRoads & transport
  • Project value$3.2 million
  • Completion Date27 July 2021
Road worker checking the newly poured asphalt

As part of our road reconstruction program, the City carried out resurfacing along Ashmore Road, to improve the overall condition of the road surface and reduce the need for regular maintenance.

Construction details

  • Resurfacing approximately 1640 metres on the eastbound section of Ashmore Road Benowa, between Ross Street and Benowa Road
  • resurfacing approximately 340 metres on the westbound section of Ashmore Road (through the intersection of Ashmore Road with Heeb Street),
  • resurfacing of 70 metres of Heeb Street (full road width)
  • replaced 100 metres of kerb and channel to meet Council's Land Development Guidelines
  • replaced 100 metres of footpath and reconstructing three driveways to tie into new kerb and channel
  • upgraded stormwater grates to meet Council's Land Development Guidelines
  • reinstated line marking and reflectors.

Benefits for the community

  • Improved road surface and amenity
  • a decrease in maintenance works along Ashmore Road
  • a renewed footpath surface to improve experience for pedestrians and cyclists, and to encourage active travel.