Broadwater Parklands Play Attraction

  • Project typeParks
  • Project value$5 million
  • Contractor nameJMAC Constructions
  • Completion date19 August 2022
Thumbnail of Broadwater Parklands Play Attraction concept

The Broadwater Parklands Play Attraction is now open for the community to enjoy.

The Play Attraction provides a place for people of different abilities and generations to play, interact and socialise.


  • A spiral tower over 4 levels with interactive play equipment like a glockenspiel, binoculars, telescopes, suspended nets, rope tunnels and an enclosed slide
  • A water and sand play area with carved sandstone, bronze sea animals, water pumps, mini weirs and water gates
  • An elevated sand table designed as a 'fish and chip shop' that can accommodate wheelchairs
  • Play equipment including play panels, swings, slides, trampolines, diggers, stepping stones, balance beams, a carousel, climbing walls, and climbing nets
  • Shade sails over the play equipment
  • New shelters with seating and barbecue facilities
  • Lush subtropical landscaping and extensive lawn areas for social gatherings and picnics


Playground new upgrade, Broadwater Parklands, Marine Parade, Southport   
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