Burleigh Heads – Wonga Park upgrades


We are improving the wildlife habitat for koalas and other native animals in Wonga Park. We are also upgrading the Park's recreational facilities.

Wonga Park is a vital part of the Burleigh to Springbrook Critical Nature Corridor. It helps connect koala habitat from Burleigh Heads National Park to Gondwana Rainforest in Springbrook National Park.

We are undertaking weed control and revegetation to protect and enhance the Park and its surrounding greenspaces. This work will ensure our native plants and animals thrive for years to come. The upgrade of the Park's recreational facilities complements this important restoration work. The Park will provide a combined use of recreation areas and allow our native animals the opportunity to move through our urban areas safely.

Project details

  • Plant approximately 3917 trees and shrubs – 1939 are koala habitat trees – covering an area of 25,376 m2
  • Ongoing maintenance and weed control of existing vegetation and planting areas
  • Environmental specialists will monitor the area throughout the project
  • Upgrade park infrastructure including: renewed fitness equipment and basketball court, new pump track, paths and fenced dog off leash area

Project schedule

The initial restoration was completed in 2023-24. Ongoing restoration and maintenance will continue into 2031. 

Renewal of recreation facilities are scheduled to start in 2024-25.

Public impacts during works

There will be minimal impact during the revegetation and weed control phase of this project. However, there may be:

  • no access to areas that are being regenerated
  • contractors onsite weeding and maintaining newly planted vegetation throughout the life of the project.

During upgrade of the recreational facilities there is likely to be:

  • some noise and dust
  • restricted access to park facilities
  • minor traffic impacts on Cowell Drive.

We will do our best to minimise disruptions. Please be aware of any temporary signage or track exclusions when you visit the park. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Benefits for the environment

  • Improved wildlife habitat for koalas and other native animals in this nature corridor
  • Recovery of endangered and threatened plant species and within the Park and surrounding greenspaces
  • Provide connections to a fauna underpass under the M1 to allow for the safer movement of fauna within the critical nature corridor
  • Increase biodiversity or native plants and animals
  • The natural areas in and around Wonga Park will continue to be looked after to ensure our native plants and animals thrive
  • Improved waterways health

Restoring wildlife habitat in this area contributes to Our Natural City Strategy 2032 to maintain and enhance the extent of critical nature corridors.

Benefits for the community

  • Upgraded natural areas for recreation
  • Upgraded park infrastructure and fenced off leash dog area that is in harmony with nature

Help protect koalas

If you see a koala – whether it's healthy, sick, injured or deceased – report your sighting. Your report will provide us with valuable information about koala distribution and habitat. It also helps our conservation planning at this site and right across the Gold Coast.

You can help reduce threats and ensure the future of koalas in the park. Please keep your dogs on leash unless they are in a fenced off leash area. Let's all work together, to protect and enhance our natural city.

For more information visit Help save koalas


Cowell Drive, Reedy Creek 4220  
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