Coolangatta – Kirra Hill slope stabilisation

  • Project typeEnvironment
  • Project scheduleStage 2: April to December 2024

In 2020 and 2021 there was a series of rockfalls on Kirra Hill. Geotechnical surveys showed that the steep slope of the headland must be stabilised to reduce the risk of future landslip, rockfall and erosion. Stabilising the slope will improve safety for pedestrians and road users.

Water barriers are positioned along Marine Parade as a temporary safety measure to protect pedestrians and road users from any rockfalls until the headland is stabilised.


Construction details

We are installing rockfall catch fencing at the base of the Kirra Hill slope. An anchor and mesh rockfall prevention system will be installed on the slope. Shotcrete treatment is needed in some small areas at the top of the hill. The structure has a design life of 100 years and needs little maintenance.

We have to clear vegetation to install the mesh and anchor system correctly. Existing large trees will remain. We will replant the newly meshed area with native plant species at the end of construction.

Stage 1: completed April 2024

  • Removed large unstable rocks
  • Vegetation cleared as required
  • Installed a custom rockfall catch fence
  • Revegetated Stage 1 area by replanting 700 native plant species tube stock, with regrowth expected to take 6 to 12 months

Stage 2: in progress

  • Install the anchor and mesh rockfall prevention system on the steep rocky slope at Kirra Hill
  • Vegetation clearing as required
  • Replant native plant species, with regrowth expected to take 6 to 12 months

What to expect during construction

  • Single-lane closure on Marine Parade from mid-June onwards with traffic control in place. Speed limit in construction zone reduced to 40kph
  • General construction noise, dust and vibration
  • Increased truck movements in the area
  • Temporary closure of R T Peak Memorial Park including the car park and recreational facilities
  • Some car park spaces on Marine Parade temporarily unavailable
  • Bus stop on Marine Parade will be temporarily unavailable
  • Pedestrian access will be maintained

We will do our best to minimise disruptions and thank you in advance for your patience.

Community benefits

  • Long-term stability and preservation of the headland
  • Reduced erosion of the headland from severe inclement weather erosion
  • Reduced risk of landslip and rockfall
  • Increased public safety


1 Powell Crescent, Coolangatta 4225  
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