Damian Leeding Memorial Park Foreshore stabilisation project

  • Project typeOcean, beaches & waterways
  • Project schedule2018 - 2023
Damian Leeding stabilisation works

We are monitoring the success of a restoration project to treat and stabilise the foreshore in the upper estuary at Damian Leeding Memorial Park, on the Coomera River.

In 2015, the upper estuary had significant bank scour and bed erosion, causing a risk to infrastructure and public safety. There was also a threat that the river could break into the recreational lake within the park.

An erosion assessment was conducted and an innovative design using hardwood trees implemented. This naturally stabilised the park and allowed re-establishment of mangrove seedlings and sediment.

By 2018, the project had successfully stabilised 450 metres of foreshore by:

  • placing hardwood instream structures on the riverbed
  • tethering logs to 106 marine hardwood piles
  • systematically revegetated the bank with 7100 native riparian plants.

Long-term, the work will:

  • stabilise riverbanks
  • protect the foreshore
  • maintain ecological processes
  • improve water quality
  • enhance aquatic health
  • create aquatic habitats for future-resilient rivers.

View the instream works via the 360 degree Google Map below.

Watch this video to learn about the restoration work undertaken in stage one of the project.

We are monitoring the project's success over 5 years. Outcomes in the third year include:

  • the bank is adjusting to a natural profile
  • sediment is building behind the logs
  • a 750% increase of mangrove seedlings naturally established behind the logs
  • fauna are using the habitat
  • cost savings have been identified for future works. More natural stabilisation projects will be rolled out in 2022.


Damian Leeding Memorial Park, Watersport Lane, Oxenford 4210  
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