Don MacSween & Mick Schamburg Parks slope stabilisation

  • Project typeCommunity
  • Project value$1.5 million
  • Project scheduleOctober 2021 to May 2022
  • Contractor nameCrosana Pty Ltd
Don MacSween slope looking south to Burleigh

Work is underway to stabilise the slope on the headland of Don MacSween and Mick Schamburg Parks at Miami. The work will improve the long-term safety and stability of the parks for the community.

Construction details

After conducting a detailed geotechnical investigation, the City has tendered the detailed design and construction of a rock fall protection solution that maintains the natural beauty of Miami headland and retains the iconic Rainbow Stairs.

Proposed works will create an exclusion zone and include:

  • sand formed catch bund and swale along base of the slope
  • creation of pedestrian exclusion zone with sandstone retaining wall and fence
  • preventative rock scaling works across headland.

A vegetation management and ecological assessment has been completed and guides the design, including:

  • areas of vegetation clearing for implementation
  • new planting with endemic species
  • progressive revegetation to the slope side
  • wetland species will be planted at slope base to naturally filter storm water
  • new turf to Don MacSween Park slope side
  • revegetation to area at top of slope near boardwalk
  • revegetation to walking track adjacent to Lore’s Bonney Lookout.

Public impact

During construction there may be:

  • temporary traffic delays
  • noise and dust
  • closure of 4 car spaces to Marine Parade Car park
  • restricted access to park facilities
  • intermittent short-term closure of Rainbow Stairs
  • intermittent closure and/or reduced access to beach adjacent to the headland.

Don MacSween Park slope side will be closed for the duration of the works. The beach side of the park will remain open. We will do our best to minimise disruptions and thank you in advance for your patience.

Benefits to the community

  • Improved safety
  • Rainbow Stairs unchanged
  • New lighting
  • New Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA)-compliant barbecue, hot water unit, park furniture, water bubbler with dog bowl
  • New DDA-compliant carpark access
  • Additional seating
  • New path linkages between shelter, barbecue and Oceanway path


Marine Parade, Miami 4220  
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