Gaven North investigation area

  • Project typeCity Plan investigation areas
  • Project scheduleSeptember 2021 to December 2026

Stage 1 complete

Stage 1 included a preliminary planning investigation and notifying landowners within the investigation area. The preliminary investigation was undertaken to understand the suitability and feasibility of the Gaven North Investigation Area to accommodate a growing population. This investigation looked at the following characteristics of the area:

  • surrounding context
  • existing urban design
  • infrastructure
  • opportunities and constraints.

A report was presented to Council in February 2022. The report found there are sufficient grounds to continue this project and that further investigations as part of Stage 2 – Technical investigations are required to gain a more detailed appreciation for the key matters identified in the preliminary planning investigation report.

Stage 2 in progress

Stage 2 began in July 2022. It will include further technical investigations and community engagement.

Gaven North study area