Gold Coast City Transport Strategy 2041

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  • Project scheduleCurrent to 2024

We are developing the Gold Coast City Transport Strategy 2041.

Our current Gold Coast City Transport Strategy 2031 has served us well, but now it is time to consider a longer-term view to ensure we are well prepared for the future. Since the 2031 strategy's development in 2011–12, the pace of change in our city and the transport industry has been extraordinary.

By 2041, it is expected that more than one million people will call the Gold Coast home. This population growth will mean more jobs. Growth across other areas of South East Queensland will mean more visitors. The growth will bring both opportunities and challenges that we need to plan for and manage.

The development of the Gold Coast City Transport Strategy 2041 will recognise and respond to these challenges and opportunities. The refreshed strategy will focus on a robust, contemporary and integrated approach to delivering a transport network that meets the needs of our community.

Community consultation

Community consultation sessions and an online survey were conducted from July to August 2022. Your feedback will inform the development of the Gold Coast City Transport Strategy 2041.

Frequently asked questions

What is a transport strategy and why is it important?

A transport strategy provides a roadmap to get our city from where we are now – our current transport system – to where we need to be in the future. The development of a refreshed strategy includes identifying current and future challenges, expected population growth and opportunities for transport system improvements. It also takes a more visionary approach by looking at emerging trends and new solutions.

Designed in consultation with the community, a transport strategy is a high-level document that informs and guides transport decisions and investments in our city – now and into the future – in a strategic and coordinated way.

Why is the City refreshing the transport strategy now, when the current document is dated 2031?

The Gold Coast City Transport Strategy 2031, released in 2013, has already achieved a great deal for our city. The mid-life review, completed in 2019, identified that all 30 actions in the strategy had commenced, with 20 in progress with agreed schedules and 10 delivered and continuing as operational.

However, the pace of change in the city, and more broadly in the transport industry, has been extraordinary. Given the scale of these changes, the development of the Gold Coast City Transport Strategy 2041 will need to recognise and deal with the challenges and opportunities that come with these trends and emerging community requirements.

You can find out more about our current strategy, and mid-life review on our website.

What part of the transport network is the City responsible for?

Each level of government (local, state and federal) has different responsibilities in relation to the transport network. For example, air travel and airports fall under the federal government. Public transport, including buses, trains and the Gold Coast Light Rail, are the responsibility of the State Government, along with the state road network and infrastructure, including the future Coomera Connector.

The City of Gold Coast is responsible for local roads, bus stops, parking, active travel, traffic management and local freight routes and interchanges. We also actively partner on projects with the State Government to ensure the needs of our community are clearly communicated and advocated for.

What will happen now community consultation is completed?

The community consultation period for the Gold Coast City Transport Strategy 2041 commenced on 18 July 2022 and closed on 14 August 2022. The information gathered from the GC Have Your Say survey and community pop-up sessions will be analysed and incorporated into the draft Transport Strategy 2041. A report on the consultation will be available on this website in the coming months.

Where can I find more detailed information?

For more information on the future of transport and the development of the Transport Strategy 2041, we have prepared a detailed discussion paper:

A conversation about the future of transport(PDF, 7MB)

You can find this paper and other resources at