Wonder Reef – Gold Coast Dive Attraction

  • Project typeTourism
  • Project value$5 million
  • Completion date03 June 2022
Gold Coast Dive Attraction diver on boat

Wonder Reef is open for diving. To book a dive, visit www.wonderreef.com.au.

Australia's newest dive attraction opened on 3 June 2022.

A world-class dive attraction on the Gold Coast has been a long-held catalyst to diversify the city's tourism offering and raise the profile of the Gold Coast as a premier dive destination.

Wonder Reef is designed to attract and sustain a rich diversity of marine life and offer an iconic and exciting dive experience for divers of all levels. It will:

  • achieve best practice with an innovative fusion of art, science and engineering design
  • attract and sustain a rich diversity of marine life, offering an interesting and exciting dive experience
  • deliver a dive experience for a range of diver certification levels
  • provide significant economic benefit and generate jobs
  • build the capacity of operators and businesses within the local tourism industry
  • foster greater appreciation of marine life and the natural environment
  • provide marine research and educational opportunities.

We delivered the project with $2.5 million in matched funding under the Queensland Government's Growing Tourism Infrastructure Fund.

The site

Approximately 2.5 kilometres offshore from Philip Park, The Spit, at a depth of 30 metres AHD.

Site access for any purpose without the approval of the City of Gold Coast is strictly prohibited. Subordinate Local Law No. 7.5 (Public dive precincts) 2021 was gazetted in early 2022 to regulate Wonder Reef.


  • World first buoyant reef design
  • Nine buoyant sculptural reef flutes standing about 22 metres above the sea floor, anchored to the sea floor by 9 reef foundations
  • Buoyant sculptural reef flutes submerged approximately 7 metres below the surface, accessible to all levels of divers
  • Reef foundations are 4 metres by 4 metres in size and weigh about 72 tonnes each, accessible by advanced open water divers
  • Reef purposely designed to provide habitat for a diverse range of marine life
  • Swim-throughs and landing platforms for divers
  • Four moorings to facilitate diver access once Wonder Reef is operational. This includes one public mooring
  • Eighteen months of complex technical analysis and design with expert input from around the world, to ensure the reef can withstand the harsh marine environment including 18-plus metre waves
  • Designed by reef experts Subcon Blue Solutions and renowned Queensland artist Daniel Templeman

View footage of the reef structures fabrication and transportation to Brisbane

Read our Artificial Reef Sea Dumping Permit Long Term Management Plan(PDF, 4MB)

Benefits to the community

  • Supported 18 jobs during construction
  • Created more than 32,000 cubic metres of new reef habitat
  • Forecast to inject $32.8 million into the local economy over 10 years
  • Forecast to attract 16,600 visitors annually
  • Forecast to support over 80 operational jobs 

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