Gold Coast Turf Club wetland rehabilitation

  • Project typeEnvironment
  • Project scheduleSeptember to December 2021, weather permitting
  • Contractor nameAlder Constructions
Wetlands at Bundall, person overlooking water body

Gold Coast Turf Club has operational works approval to rehabilitate the remaining waterbody and surrounding area near Gold Market Drive, Bundall.

The project is being managed by Gold Coast Turf Club with Cardno as engineer. Construction is by Alder Constructions.

Construction works

  • Clearing the existing filled pad to prepare for construction of dredge ponds
  • Importing soil to create dredge pond embankments
  • Dredging of silt from within the waterbody into the dredge ponds. The dredged material will be dried out and treated for the presence of acid sulphate soils. Following the removal of the dredge ponds the treated soil can be used for topsoil before grassing the open area
  • Dredging of the waterbody to maximise water depth of 1.5 metres and improve on water quality
  • Revegetating the surrounding banks of the waterbody with native species
  • Profiling the area for general drainage purposes
  • Post and rail fence installed around the wetland
  • New culvert linking the site with the constructed canal to the west
  • New formal maintenance access track and culvert into the wetland

Benefits to the community

  • Provide habitat for waterbird species that visit the area
  • Improve water quality and reduce the incidence of algal blooms
  • Improve amenity for the community

Environmental considerations

Approvals are in line with a Wetland Management Plan, an Acid Sulphate Soil Investigation and a Fauna Management Plan.

A Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service approved spotter-catcher will be on site during the clearing works.


Gold Market Drive, Bundall 4217  
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