Miami – Lions Head Park slope stabilisation

  • Project typeEnvironment
  • Project scheduleConstruction July 2023 to February 2024 weather permitting.

Lions Head Stage 2 Slope Stabilisation will finalise the City’s current program of geotechnical works on the north and west facing slopes of Miami Hill.

Construction details

The existing mesh and anchor system that stabilises the north and west facing slopes of Miami Hill will be replaced and upgraded. Vegetation clearing of the slope nearest to Magic Mountain will enable the mesh to be removed and replaced. Groundcovers will form naturally over the mesh. Stumps are likely to remain and regrowth should occur within 6-12 months.

The scope of works will include:

  • Protection of property – temporary fencing and water barriers placed at the bottom of the slope to protect body corporate areas and common areas adjacent to the works.
  • Management of noise and vibration with monitoring devices positioned near the works.
  • Traffic and Pedestrian Management plans suitable for the urban environment – Great Hall Drive and Chairlift Avenue.
  • Environmental management of the flora and fauna (flying fox roost) adjacent to the works.
  • Preparatory vegetation clearing to remove the bulk of vegetation on the slope of Lions Head park. This is likely to commence before site mobilisation to minimise environmental impacts to fauna (flying fox roost) outside of nursing/rearing season.
  • Construction of a spoon drain to the top of the slope connecting into existing City infrastructure located at entry to Magic Mountain Apartments on Great Hall Drive.
  • Installation of temporary rock fall barriers at the bottom of the slope during the works.
  • Removal and upgrade of existing mesh and anchor system.
  • Landscaping of the newly meshed area will commence upon completion of the project with native plant species to be replanted where possible.

Public impact during construction

While this work is being undertaken, there will be an increase in truck movements in Great Hall Drive, particularly during school drop-off and pick-up times.

  • 12 car spaces will be utilised in Great Hall Drive to locate a 70-tonne crane. Outriggers (retractable hydraulic legs) will trigger hold and release traffic control to one lane to rear carpark of Miami High School (staff parking) and Magic Mountain residents during work hours (6.30am – 5.00pm).
  • The outriggers will be fully retracted outside of working hours to minimise impact. Two lanes can be utilised after work hours.
  • Traffic Controllers will be directing traffic in the vicinity of the works and the speed limit will be reduced to 40kph.
  • There will be some general construction noise and dust.

We will do our best to minimise disruptions and thank you in advance for your patience.

Benefits for the community

  • Reduced risk of rockfall to an acceptable level.
  • Minimise storm water runoff over the slope.
  • Reduce erosion impacts during severe inclement weather.


Miami Hill, between Chairlift Avenue & Great Hall Drive, Miami 4220  
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