Mountain View Avenue, Miami stormwater drainage upgrade

  • Project typeStormwater
  • Project valueStage 5A: $5.24 million, Stage 6: $11.39 million
  • Project scheduleStage 5A: January 2021 to early 2022 (weather permitting), Stage 6: July 2021 to December 2022 (weather permitting)
Stormwater outlet structure into Miami Lake

Stormwater drainage improvement works are progressing on Mountain View Avenue catchment in Miami and in Ernie Tebb Park.

Flooding has been known to affect roads, buildings and homes in the catchment, and these works are part of extensive drainage improvements planned for the area. This multi-stage upgrade is an important investment in our city's flood resilience.

Benefits to the community

  • Improved flood resilience for properties and roads in the catchment
  • Water that pools in the playing fields in Ernie Tebb Park draining much faster after rain events
  • Landscaping and native tree planting to restore and improve the overall park amenity

Stage 6A

Stage 6 will be completed across 2 phases:

  1. Stage 6A (this project) will be delivered by the City of Gold Coast.
  2. Stage 6B will be delivered by in conjunction with the light rail works occurring at the same location. These works are expected to take place along Miami Shore Parade and the Gold Coast Highway throughout 2022 and 2023.

Construction details

Stage 6A will extend the Ernie Tebb Park drainage at Albion Avenue through a newly constructed drainage easement between Albion Avenue and Miami Shore Parade, extending to Nobby Parade and north along Chainey Avenue.

The City will:

  • install an upgraded underground drainage network from Miami Shore Parade to Nobby Parade, including along sections of Chainey Avenue
  • complete works associated with two lots recently acquired by the City – Lot 2/11 Albion Avenue and 40 Miami Shore Parade:
    • demolish the existing structures and convert the lots into drainage reserves
    • install an underground drainage network and overland flow path from Albion Avenue to Miami Shore Parade
    • lower and re-grade Miami Shore Parade to develop a road sag and direct flows across the overland flow path through the two lots
  • make allowances for future extensions of the underground drainage network eastward towards Gold Coast Highway and northward along Nobby Parade.

Works will take place between 7am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. Residents will notice earth moving machinery, construction noise, vibration and dust at times. There will be temporary short-term water and sewer shutdowns required at times during construction – residents will be notified in advance.

Full road closures

The following road closures will be required at times throughout construction:

  • Albion Avenue, between No.9 and 17
  • Miami Shore Parade, from No.48 to the intersection of Nobby Parade
  • Chainey Avenue, between No.25 and 1.

Download the Stage 6A Diversion maps(PDF, 525KB)

These closures will be staged to minimise disruption to residents. Detours will be in place and some on-street parking will be restricted. Pedestrian access to properties will be maintained at all times.

Signage will be in place along affected roads advising motorists of the closure. Traffic management will be on site to provide guidance.

Public safety is our priority so please follow signs and traffic control instructions. Ensure children keep a safe distance from the work site.

Map of works

This map shows the locations and delivery timeframes of the multi-staged stormwater drainage upgrade within the Mountain View Avenue catchment in Miami.

Project visualisation of Mountain View Avenue catchment in Miami

Download a map of the Mountain View Avenue catchment works(PDF, 139KB).

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Stage 5A

Commencing: January 2021, completion: early 2022 (weather permitting)

Stage 5 is the largest stage of the entire scheme. It has been divided into Stages 5A and 5B.

Construction details

Stage 5A involves the continuation of the Ernie Tebb Park drainage at Snipe Street, upstream along Albion Avenue up to the intersection of Dawn Parade and Albion Avenue.

Full road closures

A full road closure of the following roads is required.

  • intersection of Snipe Street and Albion Avenue (from approximately mid-January to March 2021)
  • Albion Avenue, from Snipe Street to Dawn Parade (from approximately March to November 2021).

Detours will be in place and some on-street parking will be restricted. Pedestrian and local access to properties will be maintained at all times.

Future stages

Planning and design activities are underway for future stages. The timing and sequencing of these works will be determined in coordination with construction of the Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 3 through Miami. For more information about GCLR3 visit

Completed stages

Stage 1 was completed in 2009. It cost $1.6 million. The works included the installation of a large stormwater drainage network along Mountain View Avenue from Evandale Crescent to the outlet at Miami Lake.

Stages 2 and 3 were completed in September 2019. They cost $7.1 million. The works for:

  • Stage 2 (completed in January 2019) included the easements that connects the park to Albion Avenue to the north, Nobby Parade to the east, and Snipe Street to the west, and tree planting and landscaping once works were complete
  • Stage 3 (completed in September 2019) included works across Nobby Parade to the east, a new shelter structure and additional seating at the northern section of Ernie Tebb Park, fencing around the dog park for the safety of park users.

Stage 4 was completed in April 2020. It costs $3 million. Work involved the installation of underground drainage along Nundah Avenue between Nobby Parade and Sunshine Parade.