Narrowneck Reef Renewal

  • Project typeOcean, beaches & waterways
  • Project scheduleFebruary – December 2017
Narrowneck Reef Renewal geotextile sand container

Renewal works on Narrowneck Reef have reduced erosion from large waves and promoted sand build-up to protect the beach during storms.

Reef renewal project

The Narrowneck area has a history of serious erosion, particularly from storms.

In 2018, a renewal project extended the life of the artificial reef which was built in 1999. The structure was built using sand containers made from geotextile fabric

Project works included:

  • Installation of 84 additional mega geotextile sandbags around the existing structure using a specialised vessel.
  • Minor changes to the shape of the renewed reef. Physical modelling from the Queensland Government Hydraulics Laboratory influenced the container locations.
  • Installation of two yellow navigation buoys next to the reef. This Prohibited Anchorage Area prevents damage from anchoring vessels.

Watch our video to see how the containers were placed on the sea floor.

We are continuing to watch how the reef functions so it continues to provide coastal protection.

Monitoring shows that the reef has increased the beach's resilience against impact from storms and ocean swells.