Abbott Park waterway upgrade

  • Project typeEnvironment / Stormwater
  • Project scheduleConcept design: completed June 2024. Next stage – detailed design

We are developing a detailed concept design to convert Abbott Park's existing concrete drainage channel into a more natural waterway.

The project involves removing the existing concrete surface drain and replacing it with a natural meandering waterway with native plantings. The new natural waterway will have similar characteristics to the original waterway before it was converted into a drainage channel many years ago.

Project aims

  • An enhanced waterway corridor, providing more native habitat for wildlife and increasing biodiversity by reinstating native vegetation and shade in the park.
  • Improved visual amenity and landscape for adventure, discovery, and education.
  • Improved water quality with reductions in nitrogen, phosphorus, and suspended solids entering the Biggera Dam catchment.
  • Enhanced water edge accessibility and waterway crossing points.
  • Increased appreciation and awareness of the water cycle, along with educational opportunities.
  • Help cool the surrounding area.

Community consultation

We engaged local residents at a community pop-up event in Abbott Park in December 2023. The objectives of the consultation were:

  • Inform the community of the project
  • Engage with residents in an informative way
  • Receive feedback from residents on the proposal
  • Collect ideas and park specific information from residents

Community input has been collated and considered for the next phase of the project.


Parkwood Boulevard, Parkwood 4214  
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