Recycled water network expansion project

  • Project typeRecycled water
  • Project value$20 million
  • Project scheduleFrom July 2019 with future stages progressively added. Stage 1 – Carrara recycled water supply zone – delivery expected by December 2022.
Boy playing soccer in a park

We are upgrading and expanding its recycled water network. This will help to maintain and enhance green spaces and also support and grow local industry to underpin the future of the region.

This citywide expansion of the recycled water network provides a climate resilient, affordable and fit-for-purpose recycled water supply.

This project is divided into numerous network supply zones, delivered in stages.

Opportunities and benefits to the community

The project will be providing Class A recycled water for customers identified in the current Queensland Health Guideline for low-exposure recycled water schemes to use as:

  • sporting field irrigation
  • golf course irrigation
  • open-space irrigation
  • streetscape irrigation
  • cooling towers and industrial use (may need further on-lot treatment)
  • selected agricultural use.

The benefits of the project include:

  • providing a climate-resilient, affordable, reliable and fit-for-purpose non-potable water supply
  • enhancing liveability by greening the City's golf courses, sporting facilities, schools, parks and gardens
  • supporting and growing local industry, such as hospitals (HVAC), shopping centres (HVAC), industry, nurseries and garden centres, and commercial properties
  • facilitating agricultural opportunities.

Construction details

We are proposing to construct approximately 70 kilometres of pipelines in numerous recycled water supply zones to service new non-residential customers.

Construction will also include:

  • two recycled water reservoir sites
  • two recycled water pumping stations
  • an upgrade at the Merrimac Sewage Treatment Plant.

Timeline for the project

  • 2021 to 2022 – delivery of Stage 1 Carrara recycled water supply zone
  • 2021 to 2022 – delivery of Merrimac Recycled Water Treatment Plant works
  • From December 2020 and ongoing – design and construction of the remaining proposed supply zones.

Stage 1

The scope of Stage 1 Carrara recycled water supply zones is:

  • to conserve approximately one million litres of drinking water per day by using recycled water for irrigation
  • to install significant new infrastructure to supply schools, golf courses, the Carrara Sports Precinct, and new and existing non-residential customers.

It is anticipated that connections to Stage 1 Carrara recycled water supply zone will be available by October 2022.

Further updates on the future stages will be provided as the project progresses.