Southport – Short & Lawson Streets stormwater drainage upgrade

  • Project typeStormwater
  • Project scheduleEarly works: April to June 2023 | Stormwater upgrade: from mid-2024

We will be upgrading the stormwater drainage system in Southport to improve flood resilience.

To prepare for the upgrade, gas relocation works are underway at Short, Lawson and Garden Streets, Southport.

Impacts during works

  • Traffic changes including traffic and pedestrian detours
  • Removal of some on-street parking during works
  • Remove on some parking in Carey Carpark during works
  • Noise, vibration and dust

Benefits to the community

  • Improved flood mitigation for the lower areas of Southport CBD, especially Young and Davenport Streets
  • Improved water drainage following rain events


In 2013, hydraulic studies identified key upgrades are required to mitigate flooding in Southport. Currently, the lower areas of Southport CBD, especially around Young and Davenport Streets are subject to flooding during storm events.

In 2014, stormwater drainage upgrades were completed under the Gold Coast Light Rail track at the Lawson, Short, Scarborough Streets intersection (Stage 1).

We will be completing the final stages of the upgrades from mid 2024. They will alleviate flooding by diverting stormwater flows from Garden Street to the east of the catchment, through Lawson and Short Streets, down to the existing outlets into the seaway.

Extent of works


Short and Lawson Streets, Southport 4215  
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