Stormwater Pipe Reline Program

  • Project typeStormwater
  • Project value$6,264,000
  • Project scheduleFebruary 2019–June 2022
Water going into a stormwater drain

The City's annual program to repair and renew stormwater pipe infrastructure is underway. These works are part of a five-year program to improve our stormwater infrastructure.

Construction details

The relining of internal pipe surfaces is decided once the condition of the pipes is assessed.

Works take place in easements, private property, road reserves and parklands, with access via manholes or pits.

The method used is known as CIPP (cured in place pipe). It involves:

  • inserting a resin-impregnated flexible tube in a softened state into an existing stormwater pipe
  • expanding and curing the tube using hydrostatic pressure or air pressure (hot water or steam), forming a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) certified structural liner.

This method extends the life of the asset.

Public impact

We aim to minimise impacts to the surrounding environment.

Construction work requires:

  • approximately two days at each site
  • temporary traffic disruptions
  • construction noise at times.

Access to the property for residents and businesses is maintained.

We work to ensure disruptions are kept to a minimum and thank you for your patience.

Benefits for the community

  • Cost-effective methods used extend the service life of our stormwater assets.
  • This project is part of our long-term commitment to improving the city's flood resilience.