Oxenford investigation area

  • Project typeCommunity
  • Project scheduleOngoing

The Oxenford Investigation Area project is a long-term strategic planning initiative to deliver new housing supply together with the necessary infrastructure upgrades.

The Gold Coast is one the fastest growing cities in Australia. To ensure we can meet the needs of our current and future residents, we are undertaking long-term strategic planning across the city.

Following an initial study to identify the city’s priority investigation areas, we engaged with residents in Oxenford to understand the support for future growth within the Oxenford Investigation Area.

After community consultation, Council endorsed the Oxenford Investigation Area Preferred Concept Plan (Riversdale A Precinct) in April 2023.

Further detailed technical studies are currently underway to better understand the necessary infrastructure such as parks, stormwater management and transport required for the area.

Project timeline

Stage 1

Draft Preferred Concept Plan

Step 1: Planning and design (December 2021)

Step 2: Community engagement (February to March 2022)

Step 3: Council endorsement (April 2023)

Stage 2

Preferred Concept Plan

Step 3: Detailed technical assessments (November 2022 to December 2024)

Stage 3

Statutory plan making

Step 4: Planning instrument (2024 onwards)

Step 5: Adoption (To be confirmed, subject to Ministerial and Council approval)