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You can view and manage your rates and water bills online using My Account. With My Account, you can:

  • check your account balance
  • change your contact details and address
  • view copies of your rates and water bills
  • set up or change a direct debit
  • request a payment plan
  • change an existing payment plan.

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For troubleshooting tips, visit My Account help.

Make a payment

Pay your rates or water bill online by credit card through our secure payment gateway.

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Note: Payments by credit card will incur a surcharge of 0.73%, however payments made with BPAY® from a credit card account will not attract a surcharge from Council.

Get your rates & water bills by email

Save time and paper by receiving your notices and other City correspondence by email.

You will receive your rates and water bills by email if you register for My Account.

When you register for My Account:

  • you will no longer receive your rates and water bills by post – the bills will be sent as PDFs to your registered email address (though you may receive a rates or water bill by post while we set up your email service)
  • you will no longer receive hard copies of the inserts included with rates and water bills (such as the Rating Category Statement) – you can view this information online.

Request a copy of your rates or water bill

Login to My Account to access copies of your rates and water bills.

Alternatively, you can complete our online form to request copies of your rates and water bills.

Update your details

To update your details, including to add a nominated person as an authorised user of your account, visit our Update your details page.

Confirm your rating category

Rates are calculated based on land valuations and rating categories. Rating categories are assigned according to the current property use (e.g. owner-occupier, rental).

Are you paying the right general rate? You can check the rating categories applied to your property on your rate notice. The rating category is shown under General Rate on page 2 of your rates notice.

If you have not yet received a rate notice, you can find information on the rating categories in our Rating Category Statement(PDF, 615KB).

If you’ve purchased your property within the last 6 months and have concerns about your rating category, please complete the online form below to confirm the use of the property:

Confirm your property rating category

Object to your rating category

If you’ve owned your property for more than 6 months and are sure your property’s general rate category is incorrect, you can lodge an online objection within 60 days of the date of issue of your rate notice. You must include the following supporting documentation:

Table with two columns, reason for objecting and information required for objection
If your reason for objecting is that: We will require:
The property is permanently rented and is not rented to tourists for any part of the year A copy of the lease/rental agreement showing dates of the term of the agreement (Form 18a)
The property is no longer rented or the non-principal place of residence, and is now your principal place of residence A copy of 2 of the following documents:
  • Declared residential address on your taxation paperwork
  • Confirmation of a current electoral enrolment
  • Current driver’s licence showing current residential address.

Object to rating category

If you lodge an objection, the rates and charges on your rate notice must still be paid in full by the due date.

If the rating category is changed because of your objection, we will adjust your rates and advise you in writing within 60 days of receipt of your objection. This change will be reflected on your next rate notice.

If you are objecting to your land valuation, please call the Department of Resources on 137 468.

Transfer funds between accounts

You can transfer funds between your City of Gold Coast accounts if the account you're transferring from is in credit.

Request a transfer of funds between your rates and water accounts only.

Request a transfer of funds between any account other than rates and water.

Missing or incorrect payments

If you believe you made a payment that is not showing in your account or is not showing correctly, you can ask us to check the problem.

Having the following information will assist with locating your missing payment:

  • reference number used to make the payment
  • receipt number
  • amount paid
  • date payment was made.

Check a missing payment

Get your rates & water bills through BPAY View®

You can receive your rates and water bills through internet banking using BPAY View®. Once you are registered for BPAY View®, you will be able to view, download and pay your rates and water bills within your internet banking website.

To use BPAY View®, you will need to be registered for internet banking with your financial institution.

Log on to your internet banking website, locate the BPAY View® section and follow the steps to add or register a new BPAY View® biller.

How to ensure you receive our emails

When you register for My Account, we will send you an email acknowledgement.

Please check this acknowledgement arrives in your inbox.

You are responsible for ensuring you receive your emailed rates and water bills. We take no responsibility for non-payment of rates and water bills that have been emailed to you.

If you can't find your confirmation email or your emailed rates and water bills:

If you need more information about how to add our email addresses to your safe sender list, visit the help page of your email service provider.