My water bill

You will receive four water bills each year. Your bill will be sent shortly after we read your water meter.

Water bills cover the costs of your water and sewerage services.

Use our online tool to see when your water meter will be read and when your next bill will be sent.

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Pay your water bill

You have 30 days from the date of your notice to pay your water bill.

Pay your water bill online

Alternatively, you can use one of our other payment methods.

If you have trouble paying your water bill, you may be eligible for further support. For more information please see our Water assist page.

If your water use seems high

If your water bill shows that you're using more water than normal, you may have a water leak. Not all water leaks are visible. For more information about how to check for a water leak, please visit Water leaks.

Sometimes your water bill may be high even though you don't have a water leak. If you fill your swimming pool or water the garden more than usual, this will show as higher water usage on your water bill.

Did you know? Running the average garden hose (or household tap) uses about 25 litres per minute. Running your hose (tap) for one hour could use around 1500 litres. This would equate to an additional $7.08 per use on your bill (figures are a guide only).

Understanding and changing your water habits can have a big impact on your water bill. To find out how to use water more cost effectively and sustainably visit My water.

Download our brochure on how to read your water bill(PDF, 327KB)

Your water bill explained

We deliver safe and reliable drinking water and provide sewerage services to residents, businesses, visitors and public spaces on the Gold Coast.

We buy the water on your behalf from Seqwater, which owns the bulk water supply, including Hinze Dam and the desalination plant. The price paid for water used at your property is reflected on your water bill, together with the price set by Council to have the water delivered to your property.

The water bills for residential customers include the following charges:

Opening balance

The balance of your account at the time the notice was generated.

Water bills now show (as a separate line item) any interest accrued from previous bills that were not paid on time or not paid in full. This is not a new charge, overdue amounts have always attracted interest. This line item is incorporated on bills to ensure you have complete visibility. If you are experiencing difficulty with paying your outstanding amount we may be able to help. Please note interest is not charged when an account is under an approved payment arrangement.

Water access charge

The water access charge is a fixed amount that pays for your property to access water, whether or not any water is used – this charge covers the cost of our water supply infrastructure.

For information regarding water access charges for non-residential customers, visit Water access charge

Water usage charge

The water usage charge varies depending on how much water you use in kilolitres, as measured by your water meter.

Your water usage charge is measured by your water meter. We will visit your property to read your water meter every three months. If we are unable to access your water meter, we will estimate your usage (and note this on your water bill).

This charge is split into two parts on your bill to show:

  • the State Bulk Water Charge for the actual cost of the water used (the amount we pay to Seqwater for the bulk water you use) and
  • the cost to deliver the water used (the amount it costs us to distribute water to you).

Sewerage access charge

The sewerage access charge is a fixed amount that pays for your property to access the sewerage system, whether or not any sewage is discharged from your property.

This charge covers our ongoing maintenance of the sewerage infrastructure.

Non-drinking water usage charge

The non-drinking water usage charge only applies to some Pimpama–Coomera customers for non-drinking water usage as measured by the purple water meter (charged per kilolitre).

Pricing information

While individual components of water and sewerage charges have increased – the combination of all charges applicable to residential customers are less than CPI. This is in a year where we have seen many of our materials and services costs increase by 20-40%.

Please see our Water and sewerage pricing fact sheet(PDF, 100KB)

For a detailed summary see our Detailed water and sewerage pricing fact sheet(PDF, 65KB)

For more information on the City's drinking water, non-drinking water, sewerage and trade waste utility charges, read our Water and Sewerage Pricing Handbook(PDF, 1MB)

For more information about your water bills, please contact us on 07 5667 5995 or 1300 366 659.

Water bills for residential tenants

We send the water bills for tenanted properties to the property owner or agent.

If the property has a separate water meter, the property owner can ask the tenant to pay for water usage (conditions apply). The property owner cannot ask the tenant to pay for water access or sewerage access. For more information, please visit the Residential Tenancies Authority website.