New property owners

There are many things to consider when owning a property.

Are your details correct?

Make sure you receive all essential notices about your property. Complete the form below to:

  • advise your new contact details, including your dog (if applicable)
  • set up a My Account login so you can manage your accounts online
  • nominate an authorised representative, if you would like someone else to have access to your account (e.g. family members or managing agents).

Confirm contact details

Rate notices

You can expect to get your rate notices twice a year, usually in January and July.

When a property changes hands, the Queensland Department of Resources notifies us of the change of ownership of the property title. It may take several weeks for the Department of Resources to notify us, and for us to update our records.

We record the 'service address' provided by the Department of Resources as the mailing address for any correspondence relating to the property's rates and water accounts.

You will notice a one-off property transfer fee on your first rate notice. This is billed to all new owners and covers the costs associated with processing change of ownership details.

You can request a copy of your property title by contacting the Department of Resources.

Once we record the property ownership details in your name, we'll send your first rates and water notices.

Your solicitor will have made the necessary adjustments at the time of settlement. Any payments received from the vendor (previous property owner) as a result of these calculations will be reflected as a credit in your opening rates and water account balances. If you have any questions regarding your initial rate or water notice, please first check the settlement statement from your solicitor.

Water & sewerage notices

Your water notice will be issued every three months, after your meter is read. Use our My Water Dates tool to find out when your meter is due to be read and when you can expect your water bill.

Find your bin day

Know the right days to put your bins out for collection. Don't wait for your neighbour to put their bins out to find out which bins to put out – our Bin day finder will give you the results in a few seconds.

Dog registration

If you're new to the Gold Coast, you'll need to register your dog with us.

Dogs must be walked on a leash unless otherwise stated and are prohibited in all children's playground areas. City of Gold Coast has numerous areas where you can exercise your dog off leash. Find an off leash exercise area.

Pensioner concessions

If you are a pensioner you may apply for a pension concession which will allow you a discount on your rate and water bills.

Note: If you are an existing Gold Coast resident and you already receive a pensioner discount on the property you moved from, you will need to submit a new application for pensioner concessions on the new property.

For more information visit Rates & water pensioner concessions.