Nominate an authorised representative

Your privacy matters to us. We will not disclose any of your personal details and account information to others without your express consent.

If you would like a representative to act on your behalf to enquire on your account or update contact details, please provide your authorisation to do so.

Examples of such representatives include property managers, accountants or other agents acting on your behalf.

You can specify which City services you authorise the representative to discuss:

  • rates and water accounts
  • dog registrations
  • licences
  • infringements
  • applications.

Nominations will only be accepted from the registered owner of the property/animal or in the case of a trust or a company, the Director of the trust or company.

Property held in the name of individual person

Individual owner required to complete the Nominate an authorised representative form to add another person/agency to have access to their account details.

You can also call us on 07 5667 5995 or 1300 366 659. Please quote the rates or water and sewerage notice reference number, property address and current postal address or dog’s details.

Property held in the name of a trust or in a company name

Director required to complete the Nominate an authorised representative form.

Each Director must complete this form to nominate themselves as the authorised agent on the account, as well as any other relevant agents, as applicable. 

We will update our records so that the authorised representative will have authority to discuss and make changes on the City services you nominate.

To remove an authorised representative please either:



Complete and submit the online form

Only the listed account owner can nominate an authorised representative. This includes the property owner, dog owner, licence holder or application holder.

If the account is held in a company name, the Director of the company must complete this form.

Nominate an authorised representative

By phone

Property owners can nominate an agent or representative over the phone by calling us on 1300 366 659 or 07 5667 5995.

You will need to provide:

  • the rates or water and sewerage notice reference number, dog registration or other City service details
  • property address
  • current postal address.

Note: This option is not available for accounts in company names or held in the name of a trust.

In person / by mail

Step 1.Complete the form

Download and complete the Nominate Authorised Representative form(PDF, 155KB)

Step 2.Submit the completed form

Submit the completed form:

  • in person at a Customer Service Centre between 8.15am and 4.30pm on weekdays
  • by post to
    City of Gold Coast
    PO Box 5042
    GCMC QLD 9726

Please ensure you bring/attach proof of identification.