Sale of land for overdue rates

Sale of land procedure

Council has resolved to sell land because overdue rates and charges have remained unpaid for a period longer than the period allowed under section 140(1)(c) of the Local Government Regulation 2012.

Council must give a copy of the notice of intention to sell and, at the appropriate time, a copy of the auction notice, to all interested parties, including the owner of the land.

Council is giving a copy of the notice of intention to sell and, in the appropriate circumstances, a copy of the auction notice, to owners of the land described in the Schedule below by way of substituted service under Section 239 of the Local Government Act 2009 (Qld) because despite making reasonable enquiries and attempts to serve the notice on the owner, Council does not know, or is uncertain about, the owner's current address.

In addition to this publication, the Council (as required by section 239) is also publishing a notice that contains a summary of the notice of intention to sell or auction notice (as the case may be) in a newspaper that is circulating generally throughout the State and the Gazette.

Auction information

As at 10 May 2024, there are no properties scheduled for auction. 

Next auction date: to be advised

Future auctions

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