Rates & water pensioner concessions

If you are a pensioner, you may be eligible for:

  • Queensland Government rates subsidy
  • Queensland Government water subsidy
  • our pensioner rate remission (called Council Rate Remission).

Queensland Government subsidy

To be eligible for a Queensland Government subsidy, you must:

  • own and occupy the property
  • hold either a Queensland Pensioner Concession Card or a Queensland Gold Veterans' Affairs Card.

If you are receiving a foreign pension, you must provide proof of your foreign pension payment in the form of:

  • documentation titled Centrelink Income Statement, or a
  • Department of Veterans' Affair's letter showing your foreign pension payment amount(s).

Note: if you hold a Veterans' Affairs Gold Card (for all conditions), proof of your pension amount is not required.

To find out more about Queensland Government subsidies, visit their Property concessions page. Here you will find details of eligibility requirements and subsidy percentages/amounts.

To enquire about your eligibility for pensioner rate and water concessions, please contact us (you may be able to apply over the phone) or complete the Application for pensioner concession on rates(PDF, 176KB)

Let us know if your circumstances change

If you are currently receiving a pensioner concession and/or rate remission on your rates and water, you do not need to re-apply unless there has been a change in your circumstances. For example, a new application would be required if you have changed from a Centrelink customer to Veterans' Affairs customer or you have moved to a new address.

For further information and assistance, contact us.

Council Rate Remission

To be eligible for our pensioner rate remission, you must:

  • hold a Queensland Pensioner Concession Card or a Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) Repatriation Health Card for all conditions (Gold Card)
  • receive at least 80 per cent of the full pension for your pension type
  • own and occupy the property
  • provide a current Centrelink Income Statement.

You may be eligible for our rate remission without receiving a Queensland Government subsidy.

To apply for our pensioner rate remissions, please contact us (you may be able to apply over the phone) or complete the Application for Council rate remission(PDF, 112KB)

If you need more information, please contact us.