Rental accommodation

Rental accommodation on the Gold Coast must be in a condition that is healthy and safe for occupants. We regulate and check rental accommodation to ensure public health and safety standards are met.

Rental properties we regulate

We license and can inspect backpacker hostels, permanent and tourist rental accommodation.

Issues we can investigate

We can investigate public health and safety matters under our local law, including:

  • bed bugs, vermin and cockroaches
  • cleaning and sanitation e.g. spa baths, linen, crockery and cutlery
  • mould and water leaks
  • maintenance e.g. paintwork, damaged carpet, defective fixtures
  • laundry facilities
  • display of evacuation plans and maintenance of fire installations at tourist accommodation
  • safe supply of drinking water e.g. where there is no town water.

Who to contact for other matters

Type of enquiry Contact information
Bonds and lease disputes Residential Tenancies Authority
Boarding houses or rooming accommodation Residential Services
Public and community housing Queensland Department of Housing
Housing and homelessness Housing & homelessness
Smoke alarms and fire safety Queensland Fire and Emergency Services
Lead paint Queensland Government’s lead paint exposure or lead-based paint
Swimming pool fences Report a non-compliant pool fence or see Queensland Government’s pool safety
Swimming pool water quality or licence Report an issue with a commercial swimming pool or see Swimming pool licence
Party house Report an illegal party house

Report a problem or request an inspection

If you notice a problem with holiday or permanent rental accommodation, please report it to us. Before you do, please check it is an issue we can investigate above, or if you need to contact another agency. Tenants and owners can also request a rental inspection using this process. You can either:


Complying with regulations

Property owners and operators are responsible for complying with all relevant legislation. This includes minimum public health and safety standards under our local laws. Refer to Related information

How to apply

To apply for a backpacker hostel licence see hostel accommodation. For most permanent or tourist rental accommodation, payment of rates is deemed a licence renewal (if the rating category is correct).