Report a problem - Graffiti, rubbish & illegal dumping


Graffiti is illegal.

We have a rapid removal policy for graffiti. We give priority to offensive graffiti and usually remove it within one working day.

Our City Maintenance Officers remove graffiti from City property, Energex assets, structures on public land and from private property if the damage can be accessed from public land (such as along boundary fences).

If you notice any offensive graffiti, please call us on 07 5667 5974. We will remove it as soon as possible.

If you have a problem with graffiti on your property, please visit our Graffiti page for more information and to find out where you can get a free graffiti removal kit.

If you notice any graffiti on public land, please report it to us:

Report graffiti online

We do not require written consent from property owners before removing publicly visible graffiti (under the Summary Offences Act 2005). If our officers remove graffiti on your property, they will leave a notice to let you know.

Illegal dumping

It is illegal to dump waste on public or private land. We may be able to investigate illegal dumping.

Common types of illegal dumping include:

  • household rubbish and garden waste being discarded in the local park
  • household goods (such as whitegoods, TVs, mattresses and furniture) being left on the footpath
  • hazardous materials, such as needles, syringes and asbestos
  • discarding tyres, chemical drums and paint tins on the roadside verge
  • dumping waste in bushland, parks, reserves and waterways.

If you notice illegally dumped rubbish that is a risk to public safety, please call us on 07 5667 5991 as soon as possible.

You can report all other illegal dumping incidents online, or by using our mobile app.

Report illegal dumping online

To help our investigation, please take note of:

  • the vehicle's registration details
  • date, time and location
  • amount and type of dumped material
  • general description of driver and vehicle.


Littering is illegal.

We can issue warnings or on-the-spot fines to people who litter and to drivers who do not secure their loads.

If you see someone littering from a vehicle or vessel, please record:

  • the vehicle's registration details
  • date, time and location
  • amount and type of litter
  • general description of driver and vehicle.

Report the problem online to the State Department of Environment and Science littering and illegal dumping online reporting (LIDOR) system or call the Department on 13 QGOV (13 74 68). The Department may issue a fine to the registered owner of the vehicle or vessel based on your report.

Missed bin collection

If you're not sure about your bin collection day, please use our Find my bin day.

If your bin collection was missed, please follow these steps:

  1. Please call us on 07 5667 5976 between 8am and 5pm to have the problem investigated. We will ask you to provide your contact details, address, bin type and any possible reason the bin may not have been emptied.
  2. Leave your bin on the kerbside and our contractors will return as soon as possible.

There are several reasons why your bin might not be emptied, including:

  • the bin was not put out in time (bins should be out for collection by 6am)
  • the truck could not reach the bin (cars parked in front or other obstructions)
  • the bin was overfull or contained materials that are not allowed
  • the driver made a mistake.

For more information about filling your bins and bin collection, please visit our Residential bins page.

Damaged or stolen bins – residential or commercial

If your bin is damaged or stolen, please let us know. We can:

  • repair damaged bins
  • replace missing or broken bins
  • remove offensive graffiti on bins.

If your bin is dirty or smelly, please clean it yourself. If your bin has non-offensive graffiti, you can remove the graffiti yourself using one of our free graffiti removal kits, available from our customer service centres.

To report damaged or stolen residential bins, please either:

  • request a repair or replacement bin online
  • call us on 07 5667 5976.

Request a repair or replacement bin

Commercial bins: Please call 07 5667 5976 if your commercial bin needs repaired or replaced.

Damaged, stolen or full bins – public land

If you notice that a bin on public land on our beaches, parks or streets needs to be repaired or emptied, please report the problem to us. You can either:

  • report a problem with a public rubbish bin online
  • call us on 07 5667 5974.

Report a problem with a public rubbish bins

Abandoned shopping trolleys

If you find an abandoned shopping trolley and you can see what shop the trolley came from, please contact the business directly.

If you find a shopping trolley on public land and it has no identifiable store markings, please contact us. You can either:

  • report an abandoned shopping trolley dumping online
  • call us on 07 5667 5991.

Report an abandoned shopping trolley