HOTA – Home of the Arts Precinct Carpark

Almost 900 public parking spaces are available at HOTA Precinct Carpark.

  • From 7am to 5pm, your first 4 hours parking is free. Enter your vehicle registration number at meter to redeem. Offer valid once per day, per vehicle. The 4 hours free is not able to be redeemed via the EasyPark app.
  • Please pay for your parking upfront if staying longer than 4 hours – a flat rate of $6.60. You can pay using a parking machine onsite, or pay via the EasyPark* app. *10% fee applies.
  • Parking is free on public holidays.
  • Parking is free and unrestricted before 7am and after 5pm.
  • You don't have to register for parking on public holidays and during unrestricted hours.

Note: Your vehicle may be issued with a parking infringement if you do not enter registration at a parking meter on arrival.

Accessible parking spaces are available in the carparks near the entrance to the main building, the HOTA Gallery and the playground by the lake.

Parking fees

Duration Price
Up to 4 hours Free
Day rate $6.60

Note: Parking passes are not available for this carpark.

How to access your free and paid parking

Parking meters accept credit/debit cards and coins. Follow the instructions on the meter's screen. You will be asked to:

  • enter your vehicle registration number
  • enter the amount of time you wish to stay for (no more than the maximum allowable parking time)
  • use coins or your credit/debit card to pay for the time requested. Some of our meters are card only
  • select whether you would like a receipt for the parking
    • if you select this option, make a note of the code displayed
    • to view your receipt go to and enter the code provided.

If the meter is faulty, please try other meters in the area or use the Easy Park app to pay.

Frequently asked questions

What changes are being made to parking at HOTA?

All general parking bays throughout the HOTA metered site will allow up to 4 hours of free parking per day. You will now need to enter your vehicle registration for free parking at a parking metre.

Will the parking machines at HOTA still operate the same way?

No, the parking machine will work slightly differently. To access free parking please read the screen carefully; general visitors will be offered the option to redeem up to 4 hours of free parking or pay the one-off fee for staying longer than 4 hours.

Who is eligible for free parking at HOTA?

All visitors to the HOTA site may park for up to 4 hours without paying.

Can I park for 2 hours free in the morning and for 2 hours again later in the day?

No, the free parking session is only valid once per day, per vehicle, regardless of the time used.

What if I want to park for longer than 4 hours?

You will need to pay if you wish to stay for longer than 4 hours. Payment can be made via a parking machine on site, or via the EasyPark mobile payment app.

What if I’ve paid to park all day but need to take my car out briefly?

If payment is made, you can come and go throughout that same day, and park in any available all-day paid parking space within the HOTA precinct on the condition that the vehicle registration number for your paid parking session has been entered into the parking meter or EasyPark app.

Are there any spaces I can’t park in?

Yes, a small number of parking spaces at HOTA are allocated for specific user types only. Please check for any regulatory signs when you park.

What if I have problems using a parking machine?

You can access free parking, or pay for long-term parking, at any parking machine. If you find a fault with one meter, please use another nearby. For parking machine faults, please call 07 5581 6667.

Will meters accept card or cash only?

There is a mix of card only parking meters and standard cash and card parking meters within the HOTA precinct. Card only, ‘lite’ parking meters operate in the same manner as standard parking meters in a smaller form factor. Lite meters have similar functionality, with instructions clearly displayed on-screen. The installation of lite meters is in-line with current payment trends, which heavily favour the use of card over cash payments.


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