Metered parking

Metered parking information

Metered parking operates in a number of locations across the Gold Coast. Signs in each area explain when payment is required and how long you can park.

When you park in a metered parking space, make sure you check the parking sign time limits.

You must not park for longer than the time shown on the the sign. For example, in a 2P space, you must move your vehicle within 2 hours.

A metered parking area is a timed parking area. You cannot move your car to a different spot within this timed parking area and continue to park there.

If you do not move your car entirely out of the timed parking area after the designated time limit has expired, you may be subject to a parking fine.

You must not make additional payments to stay longer than the specified sign time. If you do this, you could incur a fine.

For more information see the Parking rules section of our Safe & legal parking page.

We use in-ground sensors in most metered parking areas to record when a parking space is occupied and how long the vehicle stays. Your parking time starts when your car stops in the space and the sensor is activated.

For more information about how to use our parking meters, download our instructions for using pay-by-plate parking meters(PDF, 1MB).

Information about metered parking for disability parking permit holders can be found on our Accessible parking page.

For more information about our parking signs, please see our Safe and legal parking guide(PDF, 5MB).

How to pay for metered parking

You can pay for metered parking with:

  • cash or card (Visa and Mastercard; cash payment not available at all meters)
  • EasyPark App.

Some parking meters at the following locations only accept payment by card:

  • Goodwin Terrace, Burleigh Heads
  • Broadwater Parklands Car Park, Southport
  • Evandale Park (HOTA) Surfers Paradise

If cash payment is required please try a nearby parking meter in the area as selected meters at each location accept cash.

Cash or card payments

To pay for metered parking, follow the instructions on the parking meter machine.

You will need to:

  • enter your vehicle registration details
  • select your payment method using the left or right arrows (cash or card).

For cash payment, insert enough coins to cover your required length of stay.

For card payment:

  • use the left or right arrows to choose your length of stay
  • press OK
  • use your card to finalise the payment (tap or insert your card).

City parking meters accept Mastercard and Visa credit cards.

Credit card payments incur a surcharge of 0.73%.

For more information about how to use our parking meters, download our instructions for using pay-by-plate parking meters(PDF, 1MB).

EasyPark App payments

The EasyPark App lets you control your parking payments across the Gold Coast and in over 1200 cities across the world.

You can download the free EasyPark App from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Once you register with EasyPark, you can start using the app immediately, using your credit or debit card to pay for parking.

To use EasyPark to pay for your Gold Coast parking:

  • open the app on your phone or other mobile device
  • log in
  • select a parking time by spinning the wheel
  • stop or extend your parking time as you need.

When you pay with EasyPark:

  • you can select the time you want to park, up to the maximum time allowed in the space
  • the EasyPark App will send you a reminder 15 minutes before your parking is due to end
  • you can extend your parking time up to the maximum allowed in the space
  • you will be charged when you stop the app and leave the parking space.

EasyPark is a flexible parking system. Your account is linked to your mobile phone number. You can:

  • connect several vehicles to your account
  • connect several accounts (phone numbers) to one vehicle.

If you want to use EasyPark but you don't have a smartphone, you can start and stop your parking by calling 1300 734 070.

For more information about EasyPark, see our How to use EasyPark brochure(PDF, 260KB)

The EasyPark App is provided as a convenient parking payment alternative for customers. If downloading and using the EasyPark App, customers should familiarise themselves with terms and conditions published on the EasyPark website (inclusive of any applicable parking transaction fees).

If you need help using the app, call EasyPark on 1300 734 070 or visit the EasyPark App website.

Payment receipts

You do not need to take a payment receipt and display it in your car. Our parking meters do not provide printed receipts.

When your cash or card payment is finalised, the machine will offer to send you an electronic receipt by email.

To get a receipt by email:

  • press Yes when prompted
  • note the 4-digit code provided
  • scan the QR code located on the parking meter display panel or go to and enter the 4-digit code, your vehicle registration details and your email address.

Once you have registered for an email receipt, you will automatically receive a receipt every time you pay for metered parking.

Faulty parking meter

To report a parking meter fault, please call us on 07 5667 5989 or visit any customer service centre. To avoid a possible fine for non-payment for parking, please ensure that you:

  • try another meter (with same tariff)
  • try another payment method (cash, debit/credit card or EasyPark app)
  • move your vehicle if unable to complete payment.

Metered parking locations and operating hours

Signs in each location show when fees apply, and any parking time limits.

Make sure you check the signs and adhere to any parking time limits. In a 2P space, you must move your vehicle out of that timed parking area within 2 hours. You must not make additional payments and stay in the parking space.

In most places, parking is free at night and on public holidays. However, in Burleigh Heads, Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach, normal parking charges and time-limit measures apply on public holidays. Parking signs show the hours that parking management is in effect. Where no days are listed the times apply every day. For more information, see our Safe and legal parking guide(PDF, 5MB).

You will find metered parking in the areas below. Fees for metered parking are detailed on these pages. Parking meters will only accept payment for the maximum time allowed in the space.

Parking meter fines

You may be fined if you park in a metered space and:

  • do not pay to park
  • do not pay the correct amount
  • stay for longer than the displayed maximum time.

You must move your vehicle before, or when, the maximum allowed parking time is reached. You are not allowed to make a top-up payment and stay in the parking space where signed as time limited.

If you receive a parking fine, your fine will use a code to describe your offence:

  • Code 007: not paying parking fees as stated on the sign (for example 2P METER)
  • Code 009: staying longer than the allowed time in a paid area (exceeding the allowed time shown on the parking sign)
  • Code 059: staying longer than the allowed time in a non-paid area (exceeding the allowed time shown on the parking sign).

For more information, please see Parking fines.