Main Beach event day parking

Traffic Area time-limited parking measures in Main Beach apply on event days only.

The centre of the Main Beach suburb is located in the heart of the GC600 event precinct. In October of each year, to coincide with this event, the Main Beach Traffic Area is activated to manage traffic flow and parking, making moving around the city easier. The Main Beach Traffic Area may be activated at any other time to assist with traffic management during large-scale events in this location.

View the boundaries of the Main Beach Traffic Area(PDF, 92KB)

The following applies on event days only:

  • two-hour Traffic Area (2P) on signed event days
  • if a parking sign does not state the days it applies, parking is managed every day including public holidays.

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Parking permits

Resident event parking permits will be provided by event organisers. Residents are not required to apply for permits.