Gold Coast Health & Knowledge Precinct parking

The Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct is home to Gold Coast University Hospital, Gold Coast Private Hospital and other ancillary services. The Precinct is located over the borders of Parkwood, Labrador and Southport.

The Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct is part of our Traffic Area and Parking Permit Scheme. It has its own Traffic Area, where the following rules apply:

  • two-hour Traffic Area (2P) Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (except as signed)
  • no time limits on weekends and public holidays
  • if a parking sign does not state the days it applies, parking is managed every day including public holidays.

Parking time limits apply on every street within the Traffic Area. Signs show where Traffic Areas start and end and describe the days and times that time-limited parking apples.

Not all streets within a Traffic Area are signed. You are responsible for checking whether you are parking within a Traffic Area and complying with its time limits.

You cannot move your car to a different spot within this timed parking Traffic Area and continue to park there.

If you do not move your car entirely out of the timed parking area after the designated time limit has expired, you may be subject to a parking fine.

View the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct Traffic Area map(PDF, 100KB)

For more information see the Parking rules section of our Safe & legal parking page.

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Parking permits

Resident parking permits for this Traffic Area are provided at no cost to those who are eligible.

Use the map above to help you identify whether you live in this designated traffic area.

If you are a resident of this area, you can use this information to apply for the following parking permits (eligibility criteria apply):