Metricon Stadium event parking

The residential area near Metricon Stadium in Carrara is a designated Traffic Area. Parking in the Stadium Residential Traffic Area (Metricon) is time-limited on event days.

The following applies on event days only:

  • two-minute Traffic Area on signed event days
  • if a parking sign does not state the days it applies, parking is managed every day including public holidays.

Parking time limits apply on every street within the Traffic Area. Signs show where Traffic Areas start and end and describe the days and times that time-limited parking applies.

Not all streets within a Traffic Area are signed. You are responsible for checking whether you are parking within a Traffic Area and complying with its time limits.

View the boundaries of the Stadium Residential Traffic Area (Metricon)(PDF, 79KB)

There is a State-managed Traffic Area in the immediate vicinity of the stadium. For information about events and parking at this venue visit the Metricon Stadium website.

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Parking permits

Use the map above to help you identify whether you live in this designated traffic area.

If you are a resident of this area, you can use this information to apply for a Resident event parking permit. Conditions apply.