Motorbikes in parks & reserves

Motorbike riding is a popular leisure activity, both on and off road, but there are strict rules governing where they can be ridden.

It is illegal to ride motorbikes or drive other vehicles in all Gold Coast parks & reserves.

Motorbikes are prohibited in these areas because they can impact negatively on the community in a number of ways, including:

  • noise and dust affects neighbours and disturbs wildlife
  • erosion and damage to soil and vegetation
  • safety of residents and visitors using these public spaces.

Where to ride your motorbike

Currently there are no public facilities within the Gold Coast where you can legally ride an off-road motorbike.

There are various organisations and facilities that cater for motorbike riding in other areas. Some information on where you can ride legally is provided below.

If you have a valid motorbike licence and your bike is fully registered and roadworthy, you can ride on publicly-accessible roads.

Regulating motorbike riding in parks & reserves

The administration of laws relating to motorbikes in prohibited areas may be shared between the City of Gold Coast and the Queensland Police Service (Police). The Police are responsible for the regulation of:

  • unlicensed drivers
  • unregistered and unroadworthy motorbikes
  • driver behaviour.

Police have the power to apprehend, arrest and issue penalties to persons found riding motorbikes illegally. This includes unlicensed riders and unregistered or unroadworthy motorbikes. Police also have the power to confiscate and impound vehicles that are ridden in a way that makes unnecessary noise or smoke. Police may apply for permanent confiscation of a motorbike for repeat offenders. Parents or legal guardians of minors may be liable for penalties and costs for releasing impounded vehicles. Refer to the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 for more information.

City Law officers and rangers regularly patrol Council parks and reserves for breaches of local laws. This is in response to complaints and in conjunction with the police as required. Police are authorised to issue on-the-spot infringement notices to offenders found riding motorbikes in these public spaces. In certain circumstances, City Law officers may also issue on-the-spot infringement notices. Fines currently range from $243 up to Court-imposed penalties of $5000.

Report illegal motorbike activity

The City encourages the community to report all incidences of motorbikes in Council parks and reserves directly to the police:

When reporting, the City recommends persons observe discretely. Do not approach riders. Please provide the operator with as much information as possible including:

  • location, date/time
  • motorbike colour/registration
  • rider description/helmet colour
  • where they may have originated from.

On-road motorcycle safety

Information about on-road motorcycles and licensing can be found on our Road safety page.

You can also contact Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads by calling 13 QGOV (13 74 68).