Stormwater & floodwater safety

Severe weather and flash floods are a danger at any time, but particularly our wet season from October to March.

Queensland is the most disaster-prone state in Australia. Disaster can strike at any time, including:

  • severe storms and flash flooding
  • cyclones and damaging winds
  • storm surges and king tides
  • overland flooding from rivers and streams, across roads and causeways.

Driving through flooded roads can be fatal. The dangers to your vehicle on flooded roads or causeways include:

  • being washed away – it only takes a small amount of water to wash a car or even a 4WD off the road
  • getting stuck in rising water by potholes and submerged debris
  • stalling in rising water
  • collapsed causeways and roads washed away without warning.

What is stormwater?

Stormwater is rainwater that runs off surfaces such as lawns, roads, roofs, car parks and natural ground surfaces (e.g. parks and reserves).

Council manages over 2500 kilometres of underground drainage pipes and an overland flow path network (i.e. roads, parklands and open drains) to safely move stormwater throughout the Gold Coast and flow into the ocean.

Stay away from stormwater drains and pipes

The stormwater system is dangerous in the dry and can be deadly in the wet – always stay away from stormwater drains, pipes and manholes.

The stormwater system is made up of pipes of varying sizes, manholes, grates and pits which could trap someone who may have been sucked or fallen into the drains. Additional dangers in the pipes could be floating debris, poisonous substances and even snakes and rats.

The risk of kids or people playing near or around a stormwater system is a danger at any time, dry or wet weather. If there is any running water, as it begins to subside, it can rush in like a whirlpool sucking someone in. Make your kids aware to avoid these hazards!

If an animal or person gets caught in a stormwater drain or flash flood, please phone triple zero (000) immediately.

Stormwater safety education program

Our Stormwater Safety Program has been designed as a curriculum-linked program aiming to save lives by educating primary-aged students on the dangers of playing in stormwater drains and flash floods.

The free stormwater safety teaching resources are designed for children from grades 3 to 7 and can be tailored to your lesson plans. Print out the interactive activities and teach the kids all about stormwater safety.

Download the Stormwater Safety Education Program teacher's kit(PDF, 4MB)