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We administer a range of funding programs to support organisations to meet changing community, social, environmental, and economic objectives. For more information visit Grants, funding & development programs.

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Community groups can also pay a subscription to organisations providing up-to-date information on grants, or search Government websites such as:

Philanthropy Australia is the national peak body for philanthropy and gives access to a directory of funders through membership.

Visit the Funding Centre to find resources on sponsorship plans, proposals and other helpful information.

Groups can also seek funds through developing a fundraising plan.

Many funding applications require incorporation of your group. Organisations that are not incorporated may need a sponsoring body, or auspice to apply for funding for your community group.

Grant writing information

We hold regular grant writing information sessions to assist you with developing your skills to write grant applications. These sessions also cover grants and philanthropy, researching and planning your grant application, and finding out about applying for funding. Our free workshops and training sessions are attended by many not-for-profit community groups starting to write grant applications. View details of our next free workshop.

A range of information is available to support your grant writing including our fact sheet for Tips for grants success(PDF, 486KB).

Know your community

Population information includes local statistics to provide evidence to support your grant applications. This can assist you to examine the population characteristics of Gold Coast communities to demonstrate need. This information also helps to understand how the population has changed over time and how it compares to other areas.

Lodging your application

Many funders now require grant applications to be lodged online, with some requiring pre-registration. Be sure to check details prior to submission to ensure adequate time to submit your application. SmartyGrants online application system is used by many funders and has helpful assistance as a guide for applicants.

Acknowledging your funder

If you are successful check your funding conditions to see the requirements for public acknowledgement. Often you will need to include information recognising the funding in your flyers, by public announcement at events or activities, on social media posts or when you are promoting in other media.

Acquitting your grant

Be sure to complete your final report and include receipts when asked. Acquitting your grant is important and means accurately reporting on the funded activities and their related expenditure. The acquittal report is a formal condition of grant funding and if it is not provided or unsatisfactory, your organisation may not be eligible to apply for further funding.

Further information and resources are available on our Community Group Hub through our Managing your community organisation page.

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Find out about funding available to Gold Coast community organisations, including from external sources.

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