Sports club development funding

There are several ways to generate funds that will help support the development of your club, including:

  • applying for grants
  • seeking sponsorship
  • organising fundraising activities.


Grants are an important source of funding to help clubs conduct projects that support their development.

Identifying an appropriate funding body and completing grant application forms can be daunting. The chances of obtaining a grant often depend on how an organisation's project fits into the philosophy and specific criteria/conditions established by the grant agency.

Financial assistance for community organisations can be obtained from a number of sources. This can assist with a range of requirements from facility upgrades to program development. For making a successful application, find a range of sources of grant funding plus tips below:

Our community facility grants program

Our main funding program for community groups is the Community Facility Grants Program.

This provides financial contributions for carrying out maintenance, renewal or capital works (improvements) to community facilities on land we control – that support community, sport, recreational and educational activities.

Types of projects supported:

  • facility renovations and upgrades
  • change rooms, amenities, club house improvements
  • sports-specific infrastructure (dug outs, etc.)
  • seed funding to kick start plans for upgrades.

Funding available:

Applications from $5000 to $250,000 are welcomed. The intended goal is support a number of lease and licence holders annually in each divisional area within the city. Grants will be only allocated based upon their project proposal meeting Council's Divisional Sports Plan and the overall need for the project in the city.

Our Community Grants Program is allocated funding each financial year to support community organisations to deliver projects that are in the public interest of our city residents.