Connecting residents

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Welcome to Our kinda Gold Coast

Our kind of Gold Coaster is a good neighbour. Good neighbours help create great neighbourhoods and a kinder Gold Coast.

By getting to know your neighbours you are helping to create a community that is inclusive and supports one another in times of need. It also helps to create a sense of belonging and a place where everyone is welcome and feels at home.

Knowing your neighbours is a great way to create safe communities where we look out for each other. We encourage you to get to know your neighbours at any time of year, whether through a phone call, a message of support, by assisting with a grocery drop off or bringing in a neighbour's empty wheelie bin. Let your neighbours know that you’re the 'kinda' neighbour who is happy to help.

Neighbour Day – Sunday 26 March 2023

Now in its 21st year, Neighbour Day aims to bring people together and build a strong sense of community in local neighbourhoods.

“Working together to create healthy, tolerant and inclusive suburbs and towns must be a goal for every Australian, no matter where we live or our personal circumstances. I strongly encourage everyone to be a part of Australia’s biggest celebration of community – not just on Neighbour Day, but on every day of the year.”Andrew Heslop, Neighbour Day Founder

To learn more, access resources and register your own event, visit Neighbour Day.

Tips on how to be a great neighbour

Every day can be neighbour day. Try these tips to be our 'kinda' neighbour.

  • Be friendly! When you're checking your mailbox or bringing in your bin, notice who is around, make eye contact and say hi.
  • Walk around the neighbourhood and say hello to the people you see. You’ll start seeing 'regulars' who are in their garden and walking too.
  • Pets can help you make friends. Notice someone’s dog or cat sitting out the front and ask about them.
  • Strike up a conversation by giving a genuine compliment or ask a question.
  • Be interested – listen to what people are talking about and take an interest.
  • Kind gestures are the ideal way to build positive connection. Think about what you might be able to offer. Perhaps you can bring in your neighbour’s bin, collect their mail while they are away or water their garden while watering your own.
  • Use our Hello Neighbour cards to connect and let your neighbours know that you're the 'kinda' neighbour who is happy to help.

Download the Hello Neighbour cards template(PDF, 510KB)

My neighbourhood

To discover what’s happening in your neighbourhood visit My neighbourhood.

My neighbourhood links residents to:

  • local events and Active & Healthy activities
  • local parks, community centres, libraries, and major sporting venues.

You can even connect with your local Councillor and find your waste collection day – all you need to do is enter your street address.

Get involved in your community

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and make a difference in your community. To learn more, visit Get involved.

To find local organisations, community groups, activities and services for residents, visit our Community Directory.

To find information on programs, services and support that actively address issues affecting our community and bring people together, visit Supporting our community.