Connecting residents

Two ladies having coffee and talking

Welcome to Our kinda Gold Coast

Our kinda Gold Coast is a place where everyone is welcome and feels at home.

We live close to nature and love our beaches, parklands, waterways and natural areas. It provides us with an outdoor lifestyle like no other. 

Our city values its diverse, inclusive and resilient communities. We feel connected to Council services and each other. We support one another in times of need.

We are welcoming and easy-going, we are distinctly Gold Coast.

We are a place for everyone.

New residents

Welcome to the Gold Coast! As a new resident, we want to let you know about our amazing range of services, events and community spaces for everyone to enjoy.

You can visit one of our Gold Coast Libraries or access our Active & Healthy Program offering over 200 free and low-cost weekly activities. Check out our jam-packed event calendar featuring everything from movies under the stars to vegan markets.

There is something for everyone!

Check out the following links to immerse yourself in everything that is the Gold Coast.


Great neighbourhoods

Our kind of Gold Coaster is a good neighbour. Good neighbours make great neighbourhoods.

Knowing the people in your neighbourhood is a great way to create safe communities. We encourage you to get to know your neighbours and look out for each other. This could be through a phone call, a message of support, by offering support to help with a grocery drop off or by bringing in a neighbour's empty wheelie bin.

Let your neighbours know that you're the 'kinda' neighbour who is happy to help.

Guide to Great Neighbourhoods

Our Guide provides tips and activities to initiate and strengthen social connection within neighbourhoods.

Guide to Great Neighbourhoods(PDF, 2MB)

Additional resources

Hello Neighbour cards template(PDF, 517KB)

Meet Your Street Invitation(PDF, 211KB)

Neighbour Day

Neighbour Day is celebrated on the last Sunday in March each year. Neighbour Day aims to bring people together and build a strong sense of community in local neighbourhoods.