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Beach education

We love our beaches!

Whether it's fishing at Main Beach, surfing at Snapper Rocks or watching the sunrise at Burleigh.

Everyone can learn from and enjoy a beach experience in our city.

Beach excursions

Teachers, please let us know if you intend to bring your class to the beach for an excursion by completing the proposal form below. This is so we can make sure the beach isn't overcrowded with other school students at the same time as your proposed excursion. It helps us to ensure the safety of your students and the general public.

Please complete the proposal form at least one month before the excursion.

Proposed school visit to Gold Coast beaches request form(PDF, 107KB)

Beach & coastal education

Students can learn first-hand about our precious coastal environment with CoastEd and other programs.

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NaturallyGC Landcare Volunteer Program

The NaturallyGC Landcare Volunteer Program is about protecting, restoring and enhancing our city's natural areas.

It provides a platform for schools and the local community to foster a connection with their natural environment. It also encourages active community involvement via volunteering.

Botanic Gardens education program

Who is it for? Primary and secondary schools.

The Botanic Gardens Education Program offers outdoor hands-on learning experiences and is curriculum aligned.

Topics include:

  • indigenous perspectives
  • conservation
  • biodiversity
  • sustainability.

Community tree planting program

Who is it for? All years.

Schools can join this free program to host a tree planting day for their group or join an existing scheduled tree planting day.

Platypus Watch

Platypus Watch is a community-based program supported by us. It is an opportunity for schools to collaborate with members of community who do platypus surveys.

These surveys:

  • record and promote platypus sightings
  • assess platypus habitats

Schools (sustainability) engagement program

The City offers a free sustainability program for Gold Coast primary and secondary schools.

We have partnered with the Ecomarines Foundation to deliver this program specifically for Gold Coast schools.

Participating schools establish a student-led sustainability group supported by a teacher. The students lead their school in sustainability focused activities to learn how they can take the lead in living a sustainable life and preserving our environment for future generations.

Program topics

How to apply

Please email us: CustomerEngagement@goldcoast.qld.gov.au

Schools water conversation

The Schools Water Conservation Program utilises smart water meter technology to conserve water which enable cost savings for schools. This technology also increases your schools' water literacy and is used as water management resource. It is available to all Gold Coast schools for free and every school in our city has been fitted with this smart logging technology.

There is access to your school's daily water use data through an easy-to-use online account. Schools in the program also receive a weekly automated summary email. This enables insight into water consumption patterns and helps to identify water leaks as soon as they occur.

This technology has led to a 50% reduction in water leaks for schools, delivering a combined saving of approximately $1000 a day city-wide.

If your school doesn't currently have access to this data contact us, email to customerengagement@goldcoast.qld.gov.au.

If you are interested in learning more about our water initiatives explore:

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NaturallyGC activities include guided bushwalks, nature photography, tree planting, wildlife shows, outdoor play for kids, trail running, bird watching, native gardening, plant propagation, Landcare and much more.

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Here are some additional resources:

  • Our Backyard Biodiversity resources includes booklets about koalas, frogs, local fauna which use hollows, native bees and butterflies.
  • The NaturallyGC Junior Wild Defenders program aims to empower young people to take action to preserve nature. There are 12 topics and your students can collect badges when they complete challenges and tasks.