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On this page you will find useful information on updating your contact details and ownership records with us.

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You can change your details and manage your council services online by registering for My Account. This is a secure customer account accessed with your unique username and password.

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Use this checklist to help you update your details or manage your council services:

Change of ownership notification after property settlement

When a property changes hands, the Department of Resources sends us confirmation of the change of ownership of the title to the property. It may take several weeks for the Department of Resources to notify us of the change of ownership.

Once notified, we update our records and charge a one-off property transfer fee. If you have bought a property, you will see this fee on your first rates notice for the property.

We record the 'service address' provided by the Department of Resources as the mailing address for any correspondence relating to the property's rates and water accounts. You can request a copy of your property title by contacting Department of Resources.

If you have sold your property, we can stop sending any further notices for that property if you let us know the settlement details. Please provide the settlement date, solicitor and buyer details (if available). If you have bought another property on the Gold Coast, you can also let us know your new address.

You can contact us by:

The sale of the property must have settled for us to be able to update our records.

Keeping property records up to date

When the ownership of a property changes, we send new owners a data collection form to complete. New owners can let us know if they are:

  • living on the property
  • renting it to permanent tenants, or
  • leasing it as holiday accommodation.

This information helps us allocate the correct general rate to the property. If you receive this form, please complete and return it as soon as possible.

Change in property use

Complete a data collection form to let us know when there is a change in property use. For example, if your property changes from owner-occupier to rental. This will help us update your property to the right general rate category.

Submit data collection form

First rates & water notices

Once we record the property ownership details in your name, we'll send your first rates and water notices.

Your solicitor will have made the necessary adjustments at the time of settlement. Any payments received from the vendor (previous property owner) as a result of these calculations will be reflected as a credit in your opening rates and water account balances. If you have any questions regarding your initial rate or water notice, please first check the settlement statement from your solicitor.

You will find information about the different payment methods on the back of your notices as well as on our Payment plans page. Visit our About your rate notice and About your water bill pages for a general explanation of the charges you might see on these notices.

Register for My Account to:

  • check your account balances online
  • set up payment plans or direct debits
  • receive your notices by email
  • view copies of your notices
  • manage your contact details and communication preferences.

Properties managed by a third party

How to notify us of an authority to act on your behalf

We can only accept notifications from the registered owner of the property, or in the case of a trust or a company, the Director of the trust or company.

Property held in the name of individual person

Individual owner required to complete the Nominate an authorised representative form.

You can also call us on +61 7 5667 5995 or 1300 366 659. Please quote the rates or water and sewerage notice reference number, property address and current postal address.

Property held in the name of a trust or in a company name

Director required to complete the Nominate an authorised representative form.