Park permits

The City is committed to promoting an active and healthy outdoor lifestyle through the provision of well planned, managed and maintained public open space, parks and natural areas facilities, sport and recreation facilities across the Gold Coast.

We encourage activation and use of our parklands by a range of entities. Individuals or organisations can apply to conduct selected activities within our parks. Our goal is to balance community use with well managed commercial use. The primary purpose is to provide community benefit and preservation of the local natural environment.

We assess each application based on specific criteria. Terms and conditions of use apply to every approval.

Applicants seeking approval to conduct a regular commercial activity in a park will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • mandatory criteria
  • local benefits
  • site impact and suitability
  • professionalism and capability
  • community contribution and social benefit
  • risk management and safety processes.

To better understand the requirements should you wish to run a commercial activity in a park, please review our Complementary commercial use of parks application guide(PDF, 503KB)

Permits for park activities

The following permits are available for park activities:

Temporary access to a park

Approval is required for all temporary access to parks, whether for gaining access via the parklands to your property, placement of infrastructure or to undertake scientific research.

Visit the following pages to find out how to apply for temporary access to a City park:

Right of use for sporting groups

The City manages over 400 sport and recreational facilities. Organisations can book these facilities under the Right of Use (ROU) program.

To find out more about this program, visit Right of use application for sports clubs.