Temporary access to parks for scientific research

Approval is required for all scientific research access on Council-controlled parkland.

Access for scientific research does not require a fee; however, the application is subject to approval conditions and the research results are to be provided to our Natural Areas Management Unit.

Our natural area reserves are subject to wild and prescribed fires, pest management control measures, or may be closed for maintenance work.

Before submitting your application please read our Park use terms & conditions(PDF, 154KB)

This form is to be used if you are:

  • A university or other organisation wanting to undertake flora/fauna studies
  • An organisation looking to deliver organised citizen science activities e.g. bird surveys
  • A local Gold Coast based nursery intending on collecting native seed
  • An education group wanting to undertake studies or wildlife spotlighting, etc.

Important information

  • Please allow up to 10 business days for further correspondence or approvals.
  • Vehicular access is not provided into parks.
  • Operational and capital works by third party organisations are not approved activities in Council managed parklands.
  • For social gatherings, temporary access, community events or commercial activities including nature play groups please visit Book a park.
  • You will be required to have insurances and relevant state permits or licences required for the research or educational activity you are conducting.
  • If you are applying for grant funding to undertake scientific research or citizen science please ensure you submit proposed details via the online form before applying. This is to ensure you have prior approval from the landholder.


Complete and submit our online form

Use this online form to request access to a park for scientific research.

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