Cemeteries visitors guide

We welcome visitors of all ages to our cemeteries. To ensure your safety and our cemeteries are well-maintained please follow this guide.


During opening hours, you may see us performing maintenance and interment activities. Please do not approach any machinery.

Please supervise children at all times and take care as you walk around the cemetery. Graves may have subsided or eroded and lawn sections can be uneven when walking across.


Please follow our guidelines for placing tributes within cemetery grounds so that our cemeteries remain safe and tidy for the community.

We welcome the limited placement of fresh or artificial floral tributes at burial and ashes sites.

The following items are not permitted:

  • any glass and/or ceramic items
  • ornaments
  • flags
  • photo frames
  • solar lights
  • windmills
  • candles
  • toys
  • wind chimes
  • potted or any plants in the earth
  • garden decorations
  • seasonal decorations
  • food or beverage items and packaging.

These items can become a safety hazard for visitors and staff alike.

Removal of tributes

There are times when we remove tributes so that routine maintenance can be undertaken and the cemetery is safe and tidy. We also remove tributes when they have deteriorated.

Plaques lie flat in some lawn sections of our cemeteries so tributes have to be removed for mowing and surface maintenance. Seasonally this can occur frequently. While all care is taken, we can’t guarantee the replacement of tributes.