Cemetery definitions

Burial Placing a coffin, casket or container holding human remains into an earth grave. Also known as interment
Burial shroud A piece of material used to wrap a deceased body
Coffin or casket A traditional container to hold whole body remains
Columbarium A structure (wall) with niches (small spaces) for the placement of urns or other approved containers used for cremated remains. A columbarium may be outdoors or inside a building
Crypt An above ground space in a mausoleum or other building to hold human remains
Deceased person A person who has died
Epitaph Words written in memory of a person who has died, particularly as an inscription on a headstone
Funeral director A person who advises on and arranges all aspects of a funeral service, including preparing bodies for burial and organising a burial or cremation
Grave The site in the cemetery where the coffin or casket containing the deceased will be or has been placed
Right holder The person recorded in the cemetery operator’s register as the holder of the interment right for a particular location at that cemetery
Interment Burial of human remains in the earth or the placement of human remains in mausoleum, vault, columbarium, or other structure designed for that purpose
Interment fee The fee payable to the cemetery for the purpose of facilitating the burial of human remains. Also known as an open and closing fee
Interment right A contract between a cemetery operator and a right holder permitting the right holder to have human remains buried in a particular location in a cemetery
Interment site A place in a cemetery for the interment of human remains
Lawn grave A type of grave that consists of a small headstone or plaque on a beam. There is no kerbing around the grave, no pathways and no grave plantings. The area where the coffin is interred is covered in turf
Mausoleum A building in which human remains are interred (placed)
Memorial A monument, plaque, headstone, garden, or other item to be installed on a site to commemorate or identify
Memorial garden A rose or planted garden for placing cremated ashes
Monumental lawn A type of grave that consists of a concrete beam on which a headstone can be installed. There is no kerbing around the grave, no pathways and no grave plantings. The area where the coffin is interred is covered in turf
Monumental mason A provider of stonemasonry services including creating, installing and repairing headstones and other memorials
Monumental section grave A type of grave that allows for monumental stonework to be installed covering the entire grave space
Perpetual interment The right allows human remains to be buried and left undisturbed forever
Revocation Cancelling or taking back of a perpetual interment right by a cemetery operator when an interment right has not been used within 25 years of purchase
Urn A container to hold cremated human remains. It can be placed in a columbarium or mausoleum, be buried in the ground, or retained by the family
Vault An above ground structure built for the purpose of housing multiple human remains containers to hold cremated human remains