Improving our facilities

Council facilitates the management of sports facilities, open spaces and services.

We provide people of all ages, interests and abilities with the chance to take part in sport and physical activities.

The efforts of sports club volunteers and the value they bring are appreciated. We encourage user groups to work with us to improve our sporting facilities and the way they are used.

We understand the responsibility, cost and extra burden faced by clubs to manage grass sports fields. We invest a considerable amount each year to maintain these fields.

This helps to ensure a quality, safe playing environment for club members and other user groups.

Sustainability is a priority

Sustainability and Facilities Plans (SFPs) are being developed for major sport in our city.

Together we can achieve the best playing surfaces

For the best possible playing surface and lights, we partner with user groups to manage the use of fields.

Partner with us for the best possible playing surface.

Your tenant responsibilities for leased premises

Tenants are responsible for managing and maintaining their leased area.

It's a rule of Council's standard lease terms and conditions.

Our team can help your club with advice about managing and maintaining your leased premise.