Maintaining sports fields

We work closely with sport clubs to ensure the best possible playing conditions for grass fields. This includes maintenance throughout the season and the provision of adequate lighting.

Carefully controlled use and effective maintenance of our sports fields ensures:

  • maximum usage
  • the highest level of field quality
  • an improved sport experience for all participants.

Care must be taken not to over-use a field during bad weather. Monitor high-wear areas, particularly goal mouths and centre areas. Ensure care with use is taken at all times for these high wear areas. Training drills should be confined to other, low-wear areas.

Key points to outline to your coaches and players to ensure best possible outcomes include:

  • rotate use of all areas
  • abide by wet weather closures
  • fill holes as soon as possible (Council supplies sand and soil to clubs free of charge)
  • report issues
  • teach the kids to respect the fields early and they will for life.

Field & maintenance renewal

We undertake the following field renovation activities:

Annual field maintenance (fields remain open)

We invest funding to maintain our sports field properly.

Our priority is to ensure surfaces can withstand extended high use and that a safe playing environment for members and other users is provided.

Annual field renovation program (requires ground closure period of 10 to 16 weeks)

This program ensures the fields are in a safe and useable playing condition. It usually occurs between September and December as this is the ideal growing period.

Visit our Sports field renovations schedule page for more information, including field closure dates by sports park.

Sports field lights

As stated in the Right of Use (RoU) Terms and Conditions, sports field lights must be turned off no later than 10pm – unless prior written consent is obtained from us.

We are responsible for the general maintenance of lighting. The extent of maintenance is coordinated through and at the discretion our Recreational Services team. This is also dependent on funding and resources availability.

Any damage, faults or operational issues should be promptly reported to us.

The RoU permit holder is responsible for the electricity that it uses at the facility.

In most cases, electricity costs will be in the name of and borne by the main RoU permit holder/lessee onsite.

If there are multiple RoU permit holders using the lights, it is the main RoU permit holder/lessee's responsibility to ensure the cost of lighting is shared appropriately.

Testing field lights

It is the main Right of Use (RoU) permit holder/lessee's responsibility to undertake a LUX test.

The LUX test measures the light intensity on the sports fields.

You must send this information to us before the end of the year. Email to

Please ensure the lights are in working order before coordinating your fields' LUX test. Turn the lights on and check that all globes are working and they are directed appropriately.

Report a problem

Clubs can report the following issues related to sports parks online:

  • maintenance of facilities and equipment
  • faulty lighting
  • cleaning required (e.g. barbecues, toilet blocks, playground equipment)
  • rubbish/litter
  • grass and weeds
  • fitness groups in parks and illegal use of sports fields
  • illegal camping.

Visit Report a problem – City parks and beaches for more information and to report your issue online.

City mobile app

Your city mobile app is a great tool for sporting and community organisations to access a range of our online services.

This includes reporting issues with leased assets, sport fields, lights and facilities.