Sport sustainability & facility plans

Sustainability and Facilities Plans (SFPs) are being developed for major participation sport in our city. Currently the sports include AFL, athletics, baseball/softball, cricket, cycling, football, netball, rugby league, rugby union, tennis, touch football / Oztag and triathlon.

The plans are developed in collaboration with regional and state sporting bodies. The SFPs will ensure our city and major participation sport key stakeholders have a plan that provides:

  1. current levels of capability and capacity
  2. identification and prioritisation of current needs
  3. provision for future ‘evidence based’ decisions.

Sustainability of sport in our city must consider the relationship between all levels of the sport. This includes the leadership and assistance provided by governing bodies down. It also includes the leadership and assistance provided by local clubs to enhance the offering to participants across:

  • capability building
  • effective governance
  • facility development.

SFPs will be used to inform strategic planning for future infrastructure requirements across the city.

Sports Facility Demand Analysis

The Sports Facility Demand Analysis is used to inform the Local Government Infrastructure Plan. It is based on population growth predictions to determine future projects required to meet Desired Standards of Service (DSS).

Sports network modelling justifies the future sports projects required to meet population growth demand. Potential opportunities to increase capacity at current sites by:

  • adding lights
  • turning junior/other space into further senior fields
  • installing irrigation to allow increased use
  • using nearby schools as satellite sites are also investigated.

If capacity has been reached in the zone and the above options are not available, the development of new sites is a consideration.