Commercial waste management

We are able to provide waste and recycling collection services to any commercial property within the service area of the Gold Coast.

We offer businesses and body corporates for large apartment blocks kerbside waste collection, including recycling and green organics waste collection. For more information, download our Commercial waste and recycling brochure(PDF, 400KB)

Additionally, you can:

The service days and frequency of service is dependent upon the area you are located. These maps will help identify your area when ordering a service.

Controlled waste collection area maps

Kerbside waste services can be tailored to best suit your requirements. You can call us on 07 5667 5976 to discuss your needs.

To learn more, download the Commercial waste and recycling brochure(PDF, 400KB)

To learn more about the local laws on waste management, view our Current local laws.

Damaged bins

Please call 07 5667 5976 if your commercial bin needs repaired or replaced.