Disposal of ammunition & explosive devices

Ammunition and explosive devices of any type are prohibited from all Waste and Recycling facilities throughout the Gold Coast.

Explosives are dangerous and can present risks to our workers and the community if they are not disposed or surrendered in a safe and secure manner. Explosives may become more dangerous as they deteriorate with age.

Old and unsafe explosives stored and often forgotten include:

  • small arms ammunition
  • gelignite
  • detonators
  • detonating cord
  • boosters
  • marine flares
  • picric acid used in laboratories
  • fireworks
  • propellant powders.

Contact the Explosives Inspectorate on 1300 739 868 (24-hour emergency response hotline) for appropriate disposal and collection.

Under no circumstances should any of these items go in the general waste or recycling bin.

Where to dispose of ammunition

In Queensland you can surrender your firearm to a licensed participating firearm dealer or to a police station. You can surrender these voluntarily without fear of prosecution.

You can either:

For additional information, contact the Firearms Amnesty Section, Weapons Licensing on 07 3015 7777 between 9am and 3pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday or visit the weapons licensing page on the QPS website.