Disposal of expanded plastic & polystyrene

Because of its lightweight nature, expanded plastic and polystyrene can easily be blown or washed onto roadside, or into waterways, beaches and parks.

This makes it a major environmental hazard and one of the main litter culprits. In extreme conditions, the material may become airborne and cause accidents.

Disposing at waste and recycling centres

Polystyrene fees apply to commercial customers and oversized domestic loads – see our current waste disposal fees list. Residents can take domestic quantities to a waste and recycling centre or dispose of the item in their general waste bin in the manner described below.

  • Small quantities of plastic/polystyrene must be bagged and taped up prior to arrival.
  • Large quantities must be contained in industrial plastic bags or, if in block form, taped together to make large cubes, before arrival if visiting our WRC.

Expanded plastic/polystyrene that is attached to wood, steel or any other heavy item does not have to be bagged or taped. This type of waste may be charged at the expanded plastic/polystyrene fee.

How to handle expanded plastic/polystyrene responsibly

  • Recycle all clean uncontaminated product.
  • Cover and secure all loads.
  • Bag all loose or small expanded plastic/polystyrene.
  • Tape together medium-sized pieces into large blocks.
  • Large quantities may be reprocessed for reuse/remanufacture.
  • Contact suppliers to ask them to minimise unnecessary use of this product.

For further information, please call us on 07 5667 5976.