Disposal of needles & syringes

The City provides sharps disposal bins within the toilet facilities of all public amenities.

City contractors are authorised to empty these bins. Statistical reports about the contents of the bins are provided to the City administration and local health services unit for planning purposes.

What to do when you find discarded needles and syringes

You can help your community by making sure needles and syringes are removed from where they may cause harm to others by reporting the exact location of these sharps to the City's cleaning services to arrange for their safe collection.

Needles, syringes and other injecting equipment are often improperly thrown away in public facilities, gutters, parks, and laneways. If you see any, please report this illegal dumping as soon as possible. Do not attempt to dispose of the injecting equipment yourself. Do not attempt to recap the needle.

Advise children to inform an adult if they find unsafely disposed of sharps.

Should you require any additional information on the sharps disposal or needle stick injuries, please call Queensland Health – Needle Clean Up Hotline on 1800 633 353 (24-hour service).

Used syringes, needles or sharps in a sealed impermeable container

Used syringes, needles or sharps that are in a sealed impermeable container can be disposed of in your general waste bin.

Some health advice

If you have a needle stick injury:

  • stay calm
  • encourage the wound to bleed
  • wash the area with cold running water and soap (if available)
  • apply an antiseptic and Band-Aid-type dressing.

As soon as possible contact your supervisor, doctor or community health centre so your wound can be assessed.