Find my bin day

Use the Bin day finder to find out what days your general waste, recycling and green organics bins will be collected.

The Bin day finder can be used by most residential properties. For large apartment blocks and commercial bins, please contact us on 07 5667 5976.

Simply enter your street address and click the search button to see your collection days.

Public holidays: waste collection services operate as usual on public holidays. Please ensure bins are placed kerbside on the night before your collection day.

Waste collection

Enter your street address in the field above the map to find collection dates.

Download or request a calendar

You can download your collection days to a calendar on your electronic device from the My Neighbourhood page. Search for your address as above then simply click on the iCalendar button once your collection dates appear on the screen below the map.

You can also download and print a copy of the generic recycling calendar. It is colour coded so you can identify the alternate weeks your recycling and green organics waste bins will be collected.

Download a generic recycling calendar(PDF, 566KB)

You can also request a generic recycling calendar be posted to you. Simply click on the Recycling calendar request button, complete the form, and we will send it to your address.

Recycling calendar request

A free A3 colour copy of the large-format recycling calendar can be printed on request at any Gold Coast library.